Update May 5, 2017

Hi, guys!

Sorry for the episode 3 part 2 but I updated it. So it should be subbed now. Kamathep Online  I’m hoping to finish episode 4 this weekend but I really don’t know when I will be done with it.

Next time, if I ever make a mistake again please tell me the episode and part because I really don’t have time to go though all of them.

I’m not trying to pick on anyone. But please DON’T comment or email me about when I will get done with episode and when will I upload.
The answer is “I DON’T KNOW”  
As you know that my partner and I are only sophomore in high school and we are busy with school and homework. There is only a month and a half left of school so all the teachers are giving out test and LOTS of work for us to do. Therefore, we don’t have any free time. We only have time to work on subbing on the weekend.

I do sport and I live far away from my house so by the time I get home it’s 9 pm. I have to work on my schoolwork so please try to understand.
Lastly, we will finish all the projects as promise but it will be slow because of the reasons above. PROMISED!

**Excuse all the grammars error and misspelling**

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