Upload Problem? **Update**

Uploade suspense

EPISODE 4 is updated on dailymotion! CHECK IT OUT

Our channel in dailymotion got suspended…

I will upload KO 4 in dailymotion tomorrow after school. But if you want to watch it today I uploaded it in openload and you can check it out 

KO 4-1

Or Openload

KO 4-2 – Openload

KO 4-3 – Openload

KO 4-4 – Openload

KO 4-5 – Openload

KO 4-6 – Openload

KO 4-7 – Openload

KO 4-8 – Openload

KO 4-9 – Openload



3 thoughts on “Upload Problem? **Update**”

  1. I was wondering why you only uploaded part 1 of episode 4 at dailymotion..keke I downloaded the dailymotion app from google play on my phone… anywat, thanks for continuing in subbing this… 🙂


  2. Just wanted to let you guys know how to avoid the Dailymotion Suspension. Dailymotion only allow videos that are no longer than an 1 hr. so basically anything below 60min. is okay. If it is more than the limit, it won’t upload. And another thing is that you can not upload two or more 60 min in one hour. If you plan to upload many files you’ll have to wait every two hours to do so. Hope that helps out a bit. I have gone through this many times before. XD


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