LakornLuv’s Uploading Schedule

♡ Kamathep Online (KO) – Every Saturday
♡ Kulab Tud Petch (KTP) – Every other Saturday
♡ Kong Krapan Naree (KKN) – Postponed till further notice

We may not be the fastest subbing team out there, but we’re doing this out of pure love and aren’t recieving anything in return. Please be patient and respect the schedule we have in place.
Thank you for all the support and encouragement!

4 thoughts on “LakornLuv’s Uploading Schedule”

  1. Thank you so much for uploading these lakorns!! I have been looking for the eng sub for them everywhere. May I ask why Kong Krapan Naree is being postponed? Again…Thanks for all that you are doing!

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    1. Thank you for supporting. It’s because we’re only in high school and we don’t have much time. But we will upload it whenever we can. So it will come out once in a while. But after we finish with KO and KTP, we will make it our main project. 🙂

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  2. Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to sub these wonderful lakorns. I love the cupids series alot. I was starting to lose hope that someone will sub Kong Krapan Naree (KKN) as it’s very interesting and i was close to screaming when i saw you subbed the first episode (which i loved) … thank you sooooooo much for picking KKN (just noticed the second episode and i was like Yay….. thank u )……wish you all the best 🙂

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    1. Awe! We appreciate it! We’ve got lots of projects going on so we might be slow, but we’re happy you’re enjoying. Thank you so much. ❤


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