Completed Kamathep Online! Next Projects? And more.

Woo! We have completed kammathep online! I would love to hear feedback from you guys. How do you like this lakorn? Is it fun? Give it 1-10. 1 is boring and 10 is fun & perfect! I gave it a 9! Let’s us know how you like it. 🙂 I really enjoy subbing this lakorn although, the main female lead is very stubborn LOL! They have such a chemistry. Just love them so much. It ended well, I just LOVE it. 

Next Project?
Yes, we’re planing to do part 6 of Cupids series. Kamathep Sorn Kol (KSK)
Love Nychaa and Tono.

Here is the teaser!


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– Pim

Regarding to LakornLuvTv page in every lakorn from now on, if we embed 9 parts to each episode, then it’ll be very slow for the page to load. Example like Kammatep Online – 9*9 = 81, so we decided to make a full video which divided into two parts and put them in there instead. But some of you like to watch by parts more because you can skip it 😉, We have created another page just for that. We created for kammathep online, and we’ll do it for Bunlang Dokmai as well.

5 thoughts on “Completed Kamathep Online! Next Projects? And more.”

    1. We have to work on the final exam that coming up first. But right now, we don’t know what project we are doing first. We’re doing whatever project we feel like, but we;ll complete it soon enough. 🙂

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    2. Hey, I’m the subber working on Kulab Tud Petch!
      It hasn’t been postponed, I’ve just been really busy and can only upload once every two weeks. Subbing takes a lot of my time, but I do understand your eagerness. Keep anticipating! ❤

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