We’re Back! Well, 1/2 of us…

Hey LakornLuvies!

1/2 of us is back! I’ve missed you guys so much. Sorry Pim and I went MIA. We’ve been so busy and had to push aside lakorns for a bit. School literally takes up so much time, ughhhh.

But good news! I’ve decided to pick up a new project, “Nuay Lub Salub Love” starring Mint Chalida and Mai Warit. I’m not a total RomCom fan, but we’ll see how this one goes. Subbing should start pretty soon, so stay close for more updates.

As for Kulab Tud Petch, I am dropping that project myself. I feel really bad about it, but I’ve lost interest and I want to start fresh. When Pim comes back in three months or so, she said she’s willing to bring back old projects so we’ll see. As for me, I’ve given up. Sorry!

Oh, and I’ve totally rebooted the website. Took hours, but I’m pretty proud. Take a look!
Leave comments on how you’re doing, I want to know haha. How was the new year? I just want to hear from you guys.


4 thoughts on “We’re Back! Well, 1/2 of us…”

  1. Welcome back… Miss your team for a whole year, lol… Hopefully you & your other half (Pim) are doing fine. Thank you so much for continuing subbing lakorns, you made us so happy. Goodluck with your first project for this year.

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  2. Hey welcome back but I’m really sad that you’re leaving kularb tud petch, I was really looking forward if you could please consider not leaving it in between and please complete it , I was really obsessed with the show but happy you’re back hope u had a nice new year ❤️❤️


    1. Check the webpage for KTP! It’s being continued to the end and is being subbed by CatAttack now. Link and description is there. 🙂


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