NLSL Progress

Subbing alone is a lot more work than I thought it’d be… I feel like Noodao after her long days of cleaning lol.

For those not following the facebook page, my subbing speed has been a lot slower because of my studies. No, I do not have an upload schedule. No, I do not know when I’ll finish. The Vigilante Vixen and CCCS team have been so kind to finish the timings a while ago, but I just haven’t gotten to it. Subbing kind of just happens when I find time as of right now. My plan was to finish NLSL during one of my semester breaks, but that didn’t happen.

I know there are people waiting, but please be patient! Although, I appreciate that there are people following my work because that just means that hardworking is paying off. Stay tuned, na ka. Episode 8 was just uploaded today.

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