Update: Episode 1 of Kammathep Sorn Kol

We’ve been receiving lots of question of when we’ll be uploading the first episode of KSK, but to be honest, it shouldn’t be anytime soon. Pim, my partner who is taking this project is having issues with her laptop and it’s my last week of classes.

Please be patient! We promise to get to it as soon as we can. Possibly this weekend.
Keep anticipating, Cupids fans!  – Dest


LakornLuv’s Uploading Schedule

♡ Kamathep Online (KO) – Every Saturday
♡ Kulab Tud Petch (KTP) – Every other Saturday
♡ Kong Krapan Naree (KKN) – Postponed till further notice

We may not be the fastest subbing team out there, but we’re doing this out of pure love and aren’t recieving anything in return. Please be patient and respect the schedule we have in place.
Thank you for all the support and encouragement!

P.S. The photo of LakornLuv’s leading ladies are just adorable. Wawwa and Namtarn are such goddesses.

Intros & Kulab Tud Petch


I haven’t introduced myself yet, but I am Destiny, one of LakornLuv’s team members. It’s honestly so exciting to see how fast the page is growing. I appreciate every single comment and likes we receive and I bet my partner feels the same way. Please keep it up! Once again, thanks for the support! ❤

I’m working on KTP, but the end of the semester is creeping up so I’m in a super slow slump right now.
KTP will only be updated once every two weeks until further notice.
There’s a lot going on so please be patient. Please remember, we are only volunteering to do this. We are not getting paid. 😀

Please continue to follow for more updates on all our social medias and here on our website. Lots of love! 💕