10 thoughts on “Kong Krapan Naree LakornLuvTV”

  1. So far I’m loving it sooooo much… i usually wait till all episodes are subbed from a lakorn, but this one caught my attention from the first episode. The main leads are beautiful and adorable. The female lead’s character is lovable and she is strong which i love. Her interactions with the male lead are enjoyable and her comebacks are awesome. The action and CGI are pretty good too. The male lead’s relationship with his mother is beautiful which you don’t see much in lakorns (or at least the ones i’ve watched). Waiting for ep 3 and the rest will be torturous but I’ll wait.

    And thank you soooooooooooo much for subbing this.

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    1. I;m very sorry, and it’s not cancelled. I have to focus on my summer online courses which will due in a few weeks. I take 2 courses so I have no time for subbing at all. I’m planing to graduate early so I have to focus on my study first. But it’s not cancelled for sure.


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