Meet The Subbers

🌸 PL & DS 🌸
Just two young subbers with the same love

Pimpakan♡ (Pim) – Not Active on LakornLuv

Facebook and Twitter Admin
Come from Thailand, moved to USA for 2 years!
Love subbing for international fans & entertain fans.
Love lakorns!
I have one sister&The best!

Current Projects for Pim – Kong Krapan Naree

Destiny ♡ – Currently Subbing

Facebook and Instagram Admin
Overall CH3 Fan
“Urassaya’s Since 2011”

Current Projects for Destiny – Nuay Lub Salub Love

Date Started : 15 April 2017

7 thoughts on “Meet The Subbers”

      1. I thank you guys so much for subbing. There is this one show that I can’t find English subs to anywhere and wish I was fluent in it to understand but I dont. I was wondering if u have time to start a new project on the show “Rang mai hua jai dem” or its other name “Nai leh saneha” please wen u have time start this project


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