Nuay Lub Salub Love หน่วยลับสลับเลิฟ

Duration: ???
Broadcast Period: January 4th, 2019 – ???
Broadcast Network: CH3
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Theme Song: Happy to be at your Service (Yin Dee Rub Chai) – Fluke Ainam
NLSL Theme Song: Do you love me? I’m not sure. (Ruk Mhai Mai Roo) – Joke Kornpob

Cast : 

EpisodeAir DateTimings% SubbedDate of CompletionLink
Part 1100%1/7/19Link
Part 2100%1/7/19Link
Part 3100%1/7/19Link
Part 4100%1/7/19Link
Part 5100%1/8/19Link
Part 6100%1/8/19Link
Part 7 100%1/9/19Link
Part 8100%1/9/19Link
Part 9100%1/9/19Link
Part 1100%1/10/19Link
Part 2100%1/10/19Link
Part 3100%1/11/19Link
Part 4100%1/11/19Link
Part 5100%1/11/19Link
Part 6100%1/12/19Link
Part 7100%1/12/19Link
Part 8100%1/12/19Link
Part 9100%1/13/19Link
Part 1100%1/13/19Link
Part 2100%1/14/19Link
Part 3100% 1/16/19Link
Part 4100% 1/16/19Link
Part 5100% 1/16/19Link
Part 6100% 1/16/19Link
Part 7100% 1/16/19Link
Part 8100% 1/16/19Link
Part 9 100% 1/16/19


13 thoughts on “Nuay Lub Salub Love หน่วยลับสลับเลิฟ”

  1. Hello, it’s really happy to see that NLSL finally can have eng sub~ I represent the Chinese fanclub of Mint Chalida to ask the permission to use your eng sub to make the Chinese sub title version for this lakorn, hope you will reply me and allow me to use your translation, Thank you~

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Subbers don’t like to be rushed because each part takes around an hour for me to work through. That means each episode takes about 9 hours of my time. Please be patient. Thank you for following this project!

      Liked by 4 people

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